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$595 per semester

LCO provides students with the opportunity to remedy past course grade’s as well as enrich their academic experience by offering general and AP online elective courses. Linfield’s online environment encourages students to take ownership of their learning, and promotes students’ success with personal online academic supervisors, responsive and involved educators, and courses formatted to college-based learning management systems.

The role of facilitator is an important component of a successful online program. Facilitators need not be subject or technical experts but will act as a liaison to help find content or technical people who can help students, if needed. The facilitator is also the person who provides positive support and encouragement to students. Linfield facilitators agree to provide the following services:

– Access to college counselors for UC and NCAA verifications and graduation requirements.
– Advisor for enrollment process and navigation of the online environment.
– Review student progress reports, and monitor participation in coursework and completion of assignments for each online student at least bimonthly.
– Act as liaison between students and online instructors and/or parents, as needed.
– Proctor/monitor exams as necessary.
– Provide orientation for initial class set-up

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